Sara Hegwald | Marketing Consultant:
Originally from Kansas City, Missouri (don’t hold that against me), I moved to Southeast Kansas when I was 16, and landed in Chanute in 2008. For the last 12 years, I’ve made Chanute my home and it’s where I have raised 2 beautiful daughters with my awesome husband. We do everything together and spend most of the summer camping and fishing. When it gets cold outside, we get grumpy and curse the days until it’s warm again…
I have worked in sales most of my adult life, and though I went to school for just about everything under the sun, I never figured out what I wanted my diploma to say, so, I always returned to sales. I really enjoy it because I love to learn. I learn something new every day and my favorite thing about my job is meeting new people and TALKING. I’m pretty good at that, I could do it all day long… so I do. Ultimately, I want to learn about you — where you came from, where you are now, and where you want to be in your business. In my line of work, I set a goal for myself, and my goals aren’t met until your goals are met first.
Specifically, It’s MY job to help you reach your goal by converting MY listeners into YOUR customers, and once we reach your goal by developing a successful marketing strategy together, we will set new goals to attack and dominate. There is always room for improvement, and no matter what business you are in, and it’s my job to make us BOTH better in our line of work… or play… whatever pays your bills.